Colloidal silver is also known as nanosilver and silver water. Colloidal silver is almost like garlic. It has a thousand advantages and virtually no disadvantages. The only contraindication for use in humans are allergic to silver. Moreover, colloidal silver is non-toxic, harmless in moderate doses. It eliminates pathogens, bacteria, fungi, mold and even viruses and disinfects. Human use externally and internally.

The company has developed three types of colloidal silver generators. Everyone should find something for everyone. Colloidal silver generators are based on data from the literature and our own experience. Presented colloidal silver generators have many amenities and have useful features such as current limiting colloid and polarity of the electrodes.
Bet on quality. Presented are colloidal silver generator current limitation which causes the colloidal silver is superior. Therefore, colloidal silver accounts for about longer in comparison to the high current generators. The presented using colloidal silver generator can not do it quickly obtain bulk quantities of colloidal silver. To obtain large quantities in a short time, you need a high current, but it involves a significant deterioration in quality. If you depend on a high level of production of colloidal silver but not in large quantities in a short time is presented generator meets the foundation. Generator capacity is about 200ml for 2-4 hours, depending on the final concentration of colloidal silver, or nucleus was taken, the size of the electrodes, the shape of the vessel, etc. Other colloidal silver generators can rapidly obtain the appropriate concentration of up to 15 minutes in 200 ml of water, but they do a lot more current which is associated with poorer quality colloidal silver. In most cases, getting about 1 liter of high-quality colloidal silver a day using colloidal silver generator presented more than enough. Far better to have a high quality achieved more than lower quality achieved faster.
Bet on quality. All presented colloidal silver generators are built based on microprocessors that control electronics. Generators built on the professional circuit boards with coating of selected electronic components. All versions are fitted to the housing. All colloidal silver generators are shown from the inside. The presented images show the electronics and there is no hiding here. It's obvious what is purchased. Some colloidal silver generators can not have electronics, they have the same enclosure and include 3's battery and you have to pay through the nose. You have to be careful especially imported from abroad colloidal silver generators that can cost you dearly and practically do not have anything in the middle and do not represent them. After purchasing you may find that you do not have any electronics and cost much. Summary generator visible in the picture is small, easy to use hidden eg in the kitchen drawer.

colloidal silver generators. Nanosilver allow generators produce high quality and also very cheap water silver.

Skeptics internal use of colloidal silver would recommend aware of alternative ways of using the solution.

When you look inside our refrigerators, many will notice Ag stamp on the inside wall. It means that the interior is coated with a substance with trade silver. With such a coating antibacterial silver ions are released which inhibit the proliferation of mold, mildew or bacteria. There is nothing to prevent the further strengthened the positive effect of silver, washing regularly inside the refrigerator (including shelves and other accessories that are not coated) colloid silver.

"Disinfectant" colloidal silver can also be used for cleaning sinks and work surfaces in the kitchen (countertops, tiles), as well as prophylactic or periodically add them to sponges for dishwashing cycle.

Positive effects also get a colloid pour into the washing machine. It will provide a hygiene interior (dispenser drum) and added to wash make clothes will be softer, devoid of unpleasant odors and less vulnerable to static electricity.

By producing nanosilver on your own using one of the proposed generators can get cheap cleaning like a professional. Just to add a standard cleaning liquid silver colloid obtained to get the measure of the content of silver ions. As a reminder, they work such antibacterial and anti-static, making them ideal for cleaning bathroom surfaces such as the lining of the tiles, sinks, bathtubs, shower trays and shower enclosures. Washing-specific colloidal silver, or with the addition of our colloid ensure a flawless look windows, mirrors, shower doors and glass door furniture, protecting them against rapid and excessive settling of dust. In addition, the surfaces are treated with silver colloid disinfected, providing hygienically clean as necessary in the bathroom or toilet.

Let us also remember the quality of the air we breathe! To ensure a clean, healthy air should add "silver water" for use in floor of humidifiers. This allows the silver colloid is thoroughly sprayed the room and through the respiratory route gets into your body. Colloidal silver can be safely inhaled and nasal sprays. If you do not have a humidifier, silver can be released into the air through the evaporation during heating. Appendix nanosilver also extends the time in which the water poured into the humidifier remain fresh (not stęchnie as soon as colloidal silver in it will inhibit the growth of fungi, molds and bacteria).

The latter property colloidal silver makes it worth it to pour all the blood, where we store water. Also ideally suited for flower vases - will extend the life of enjoying our eyes bouquets.

Buy and producing own high-quality colloidal silver with simple-to-use colloidal silver generators presented.

The world market is little to choose from colloidal silver generators. Everyone has some interesting feature, advantage, etc. However, virtually all of them are quite expensive. Presented colloidal silver generators are cheaper and more expensive, but they are all professional and presented each of the three types will receive a high-quality colloidal silver. In Europe colloidal silver generators are priced from $ 100 up. Foreign honestly no better than 120-150 dollars. Counting the cost of shipping virtually no cost-effective to buy. Polish colloidal silver generators are just as good and even better after several respects. Presented are three types of colloidal silver generators are designed to be both practical and affordable for produce high-quality colloidal silver. It was found that the quality of colloidal silver upon three main czynnki. Well, limiting current density elektrokoloidu. Mixing the solution and polarization. Wherein practically found that, for narrow and high polarization naczyć for silver electrodes largely replaced by the mixing of the solution. From this it follows that it is mainly the quality of the obtained silver colloidal affect current density and reduce polarization silver electrodes. The current density for the data electrodes are connected with the flow and typical silver electrodes is current at 1mA. Of course, the current council can not get a high concentration of colloidal silver in large quantities in a short time. Unable to obtain bulk quantities of colloidal silver generators presented with a silver because they are designed to produce wyoskiej quality colloidal silver for domestic needs and conditions. In such amounts are enough for most purposes. You can always make a small store in a while. Colloidal silver generators are a compromise between high quality and performance. Are specifically designed for domestic and produce high-quality silver colloid, but not in amounts hurtowychy. For example, deionized water in an amount of about 200ml of the concentration of 1 ppm to 7 ppm, this time is about 3-4 hours and is dependent on many factors (size of electrode immersion, the electrode spacing, the shape of the vessel, the water temperature, etc.). This process can be accelerated by heating elektrokoloidu and eg by adding an embryonic previous colloidal silver and then the glass solution this time can be 1-2 hours. By choosing one of the presented colloidal silver generators need to just take into account that it will be made of high-quality colloidal silver, but not in haste. The quality of this is achieved by reducing the current density (a direct restriction with colloid current at 1mA) and because of this detachment of silver ions from the silver electrode is not fast but it cząsteczni silver ions and are small and are of the order of nanometers. Therefore, colloidal silver is also known as nanosilver. In most cases we want a high-quality colloidal silver rather than obtaining a large amount in a short time.

Why should you have your own colloidal silver generator? 

Well, on their own at home can produce high-quality colloidal silver and it's really cheap way. By investing about $ 100 in the most cost colloidal silver generator with wires srebnymi 200 liters of the resulting solution of colloidal silver unit cost will come out about $ 1 per liter of high-quality colloidal silver. The calculation is quite simple. The store or pharmacy colloidal silver costs about $ 20 per liter. Cost of demineralized water is about 1-2 dollars per 5 liters. From this it follows that 200 liters of demineralized water it will cost a total of about $ 60. Together the total cost of 200 liters of colloidal silver at a concentration of 10-20ppm will cost about $ 150. Current to produce colloidal silver is negligibly small colloidal silver generator that takes approximately 20mA current at 12V supply which gives a power of 150mW. Such power is much smaller than most permanently incorporated obiorników that are on standby. The cost of 200 liters of high-quality colloidal silver is 500. It is easy to calculate that the unit cost of colloidal silver made using colloidal silver generator is less than one dollar per liter of silver. Silver wires with a cross section and a length of 12cm 2mm successfully sufficient for 200 liters of solution of colloidal silver of high quality. Cost wymiarny wire is about $ 20 for a pair of silver wire 2mm and 10-12cm in length and sample 999
Dodaktowo generated internally silver koloialneo not enough that it is very cheap compared to the finished purchased colloidal silver also, we are sure that it is of high quality. Silver water sold in shops and pharmacies is not quite that old is often of dubious quality. Such colloidal silver is often made in bulk and are often not aware of how the water on which silver wires and do not know what the technological process. Colloidal Silver is not quite ready to sellers that it is expensive to supplement old and often poor quality. Such colloidal silver is often the color of tea (dark yellow and even brown) which indicates that it was exposed to sunlight or is so old that i did not need a lot of light to get old fast. However, colloidal silver produced in-house fresh is white. Depending on the concentration of milk is translucent. It is neither yellowish or brownish. One after a day in the sun, such colloidal silver slightly yellowing. This is a normal process and therefore silver water should be stored in the dark in a dark glass container at room temperature. It is good to consume in a month and make a new fresh. As the cost of colloidal silver is low, it can be successfully made colloidal silver often, and if it is not worn for the purposes provided it can well be the silver poured into the dishwasher, bathroom spray, add to wash in the washing machine, add to pot with flowers etc. Possible ways to use colloidal silver is really a lot. Here are a few examples.


Benefits of colloidal silver generators presented:

     * Colloidal silver produced is of high quality
     * Colloidal silver is very inexpensive in terms of the large amount of water the preparation of silver
     * Colloidal silver generators are made professionally for professional printed circuit boards of professional electronic components
     * Prezetnowane starters for the production of colloidal silver are produced in nice, small form factor and the use of these generators is very simple and effective
     * Silver generators are designed based on microprocessors that controlling the full automation of the process
     * Microprocessor automatically changes the polarity of the voltage on the electrodes reigning silver at the tall, narrow naczyć successfully replaced by mechanical agitation
     * The microprocessor controls the voltage value prevailing on the electrodes and reduces srebnychy elektrokoloidu current (limited current density) to about 1 mA to silver ionsto be minimized
     * Colloidal silver generators are a function of the process off timer (timer), or the voltage prevailing at the electrodes of silver, which, for a given amount of water is closely related to the concentration of silver ions in demineralised water

Why presented generators colloidal silver are suitable for producing silver domestic water conditions?

     colloidal silver generators are built for professional printed circuit board covered with a protective coating using high quality electronic components

     presented a silver water generators are encapsulated in a nice and professional case and look good

     Colloidal silver produced in-house is of high quality and also very cheap

     silver generators are built on a microprocessor that automatically controls the entire process of producing a silver water

     Automatic control the polarity of the voltage on the electrodes prevailing at the narrow and high naczyć partially replace or convective mixing mechacznine

     silver generator intelligently raise your power to low levels and reduces tensions on the electrodes to a higher concentration of colloidal silver (for models 2 and 3)

     microprocessor limits the current flowing through the colloid to approximately 1.2 mA so that the current density was small enough that silver ions were as najmniejrze and have a size of nanometers

     Depending on the model in the controller are useful features like adjustable time reversible electrodes, time adjustment timer, adjusting the exemption threshold voltage of the process of colloid inormacja work status LED or LCD display

     Three models were developed colloidal silver generators, and everyone will find something for themselves so that they are appropriate to the expectations. Some models are very simple, just plug in and already works (models 1 and 2) as well as more advanced (model 3) where a lot of settings, options, measurements, archives, etc.


For the production of colloidal silver use the best distilled or demineralized water with a purity of less than 1-2ppm (concentrations of other ions)

According to literature, most of the best qualities for most purposes, are non-colloidal silver at a concentration of 5 to 15 ppm.

The measurement obtained and the initial concentration of silver ions in water use TDS (may be the cheapest version for about 50 PLN from an online store).

To obtain colloidal silver use silver electrodes with a minimum purity of 99.9%. Electrodes silver with a purity of 99.99% are hardly available and przeważnei is the same silver and the cost of the analysis is too large and often silver electrodes on trial 9999 (four dziewiątkowe) are sold as 999 (three dziewiątkowe) because it is profitable. That is really the electrodes may have a purity of 99.99%, but is sold as 99.9% because the cost of certification would be too large to be able to sell as 99.99%.

Adjust the length of the vessel, etc. The minimum is that the draft was 8-10cm (or more). The best dishes to narrow and high.

Electrolysis is carried out preferably in a clean glass container so that the electrodes do not touch the bottom of the vessel. At the bottom of the silver deposited hydroxides that can conduct electricity. Every now and then you can clean the silver electrode with a tissue deposits.

After the trial, the best colloidal silver set aside for the day and / or strain through filter paper, gauze, etc. to clean the filters of any deposits (silver hydroxides).


Colloidal silver are best stored in a dark glass container in a dark place at room temperature. As far as possible, preferably colloidal silver prepared fresh prior to use. Colloidal silver is the color of fresh white transparent opaque. Over time, the enlightened yellowing (sold colloidal silver ready from an online store or from a pharmacy is more frequent dark yellow or even brown, odleżałe). They have their own colloidal silver generator, you can be sure that colloidal silver is fresh and of high quality.

Colloidal silver sold in stores and pharmacies is a dietary supplement. It is not a drug and has no control over it. Also to be a quality colloidal silver najelpiej samodzielnei prepared using professional appetizers presented for the production of colloidal silver.

Versions of colloidal silver generators:

Versand per Post 10$, 7€  Versand per Post 10$, 7€  Versand per Post 10$, 7€  Versand per Post 10$, 7€  Versand per Post 10$, 7€  Versand per Post:  10$, 7€ Versand per Post:  10$, 7€  GSK-1 GSK-2 GSK-3
Electronic reverse the polarity of the electrodes YES YES YES
Electronic current limit colloid approximately 1.2 mA YES YES YES
Adjustment period, changing the voltage polarity of electrodes YES NO YES
Off process of the timer YES NO YES
Adjustable end time of the timer process YES NO YES
Disabling the process of voltage colloid NO YES YES
Adjustable voltage threshold colloid end of the process NO YES YES
Short-circuit protection on the outputs of electrodes YES YES YES
Work info YES YES YES
Work info display (show states, the values ​ ​on the screen) NO NO YES
End of the process alarm (buzzer) NO NO YES
Info LED end of the process (GSK-1, GSK-2) or info on LCD (GSK-3) YES YES YES
Alarm too much ppm beginning of the process (LCD buzzer info) NO NO YES
Measurement and display of colloidal silver electrode voltage measurement  NO NO YES
Measurement and display of current colloid NO NO YES
Measurement and display of the power supply NO NO YES
Show time until the end of the process (for timer functions) and the change of polarity of the electrodes NO NO YES
History of voltage and current colloid NO NO YES
Adjustable recording of voltage and current colloid NO NO YES
The applied DC / DC converter to increase the voltage from 12V to 24V NO YES YES
DC power supply 12-24V 12V 12V
Dimensions of the housing (cover) in cm (approx.) 5x7x2,5 9,5x5x4 8,3x16,5x3,5
Ease of use (10-very easy, 0-'s difficult to handle) 8 9 7
Ease of setup (10-very easy, 0-'s difficult to handle) 7 9 5
 Price for the same colloidal silver generator 82$
Surcharge for DC power 4$
Surcharge to a pair of silver electrodes 999 2mm diameter and length of 10 cm (price for two pieces) 16$
Surcharge to a pair of silver electrodes 999 2mm diameter and length of 12.5 cm (price for two pieces) 20$
Surcharge to a pair of silver electrodes 999 a diameter of 2.5 mm and a length of 12.5 cm (price for two pieces) 30$

The cost of shipping via: $ 10 or 7 euros. Payment: Paypal or bank transfer.

Generator colloidal silver GSK-1. This version starts at $ 68 depending on the option of additional silver electrodes. The generator is designed for those looking for simplicity and effectiveness of colloidal silver production. For this version does not require high purity deionized water because it is off the process that sets the timer to time up to several hours.

Colloidal silver generator gsk-2. Very easy to use silver water generator. Available version with potentiometer in the middle or on the outside of the case. Generator also based on mikrokotrolerze which controls the entire procesrem. There is only one potentiometer setting the threshold voltage of the end of the process. This threshold for the same amount of water and the same vessel is closely related to the concentration of colloidal silver. If you want to colloidal silver have a greater concentration sufficient to turn the potentiometer knob to the right. If you want to receive the concentration of colloidal silver was less simply turn the knob to the left. Very nice elongated housing, high compactness makes this version is highly optimized in terms of quality and service manufacture of a nanosilver solution. In this version intelligently voltage is raised to a low concentration and then decreased for higher concentrations of colloidal silver. This version of colloidal silver generator starts from 
without wires and the price of silver will be hard to find a colloidal silver generator with similar properties and possibilities for the production of silver water in the home environment.

Colloidal silver generator GSK-3. It is the most advanced colloidal silver generator. This generator is rated for the people fairly well versed in the production of silver water and waiting for a big impact on the manufacture of a process, view parameters such as supply voltage, the voltage across the electrodes of silver, current elektrokoloidu. Based on archive function measurements can observe the behavior of silver electrolysis process in demineralized water. Generator GSK-3 is a very advanced version of the domestic production of high-quality colloidal silver. This version is likely to have the greatest opportunities available in the market for the production of high-quality colloidal silver in home conditions.

Colloidal silver to be used and the external, inside and other domestic purposes:

    Internally, to be taken with small sips in inflammatory throat. During the day, we feel that our throat ladders, etc. This should be done colloidal silver solution at a concentration level of 5-7ppm and drink often but a very small sips. Colloidal silver is nawilżało kardło and destroying bacteria and microbes
    The spraying nasal catarrh state. Often quickly hay will not get rid of, but it will decrease the inflammation. Secretion during the day or two (depending on the frequency of spraying) of the green light will turn yellow or nave been transparent. Very cold a bacterial infection quickly, we can not get rid of, but it can be reduced to a minimum high state of bacteria which can cause infection does not pass, eg by inhalation
    The external ear inflammation several colloidal silver kroplki several times a day accelerate recovery from the disease and can make do without antibiotics. Additionally wstazane is to drink small sips because ears and throat are connected by channels and then there is the good performance of colloidal silver
    In states where there are fungal skin spots can often spray, rub silver koloialnym and accelerates it to get rid of fungi and other microorganisms
    For external use spray can, for example between the fingers of Stob to get rid of fungi, bacteria and germs and should not eliminate odors. Similarly, you can spray the shoes to get rid of unwanted company
    Colloidal silver can be added to cut flowers into the water, you can spray the fruits and vegetables, wash their fruits and vegetables to retain freshness longer. Colloidal silver has antibacterial properties fungicides, helps get rid of mold
    Colloidal silver can wash, rinse, spray the toilet, toilet, shower, sink, dishwasher, washing machine, floor. Use this type of household chores can be very much
    The silver ions are released in refrigerators eg to extend the length of storage of products, and therefore in itself is not harmful. Silver water can rinse your mouth, when you wash your hair dandruff, psoriasis spray conditions changed, the smallpox can rinse the bath after chickenpox sores to not getting to infection


Over just a few examples on the use of colloidal silver. Why else is pretty underrated colloidal silver? Well, there is still plenty of misinformation mainly derived from pharmaceutical companies. Colloidal silver was used to cure until it developed antibiotics and high corporate profits. Then colloidal silver was withdrawn from the lists of drugs and became a dietary supplement. In addition negates the effect of colloidal silver in wręczi inform its harmful properties. The question is whether this is true? Everyone has their understanding and can read about the pros and cons of colloidal silver.

It is known that antibiotics do not always work. It is known that there are different strains of bacteria and antibiotic first before giving a smear should be done to check on what strain of bacteria should be given odbiowiedni antibiotic, but the question that the doctor doing it? Wholesale prescribe antibiotics and may or may not hit the odbiowiednim antibiotic. If you do not hit it to prescribe another antibiotic. I think we all go through a phase that some antibiotics do not work. Is not it worth a try action of colloidal silver? The only contraindication is allergic to silver. If you are sensitized do not use internally or externally colloidal silver.

Why try colloidal silver for yourself? Colloidal silver is a silver ions and silver particles suspended in water. Colloidal silver is about 80% silver ions and about 20% of the silver particles. For internal use colloidal silver are best used at low concentrations in the range of 5-15ppm. PPM here means that, for example the amount of particles per million. The concentration of the colloidal silver is 5 5ppm colloidal silver particles per million particles of water. Sipping a colloidal silver at a concentration in the amount kiludziesięciu milliliters per day can not be overdosed. In disease states can drink 100-200ml wells in the states of preventive sip 5-10ml at 5-10ppm. Such values ​​of colloidal silver can not be overdosed. Silver is needed for life. It is in our tissues, brain, bones, glands, etc. I can easily see how many mg of silver in the human oraniźnie as the body needs it, and if it is supplied in the diet and how it is supplied in the form of colloidal silver. For those interested, I refer to the literature and you can see that the appropriate dosing the colloidal silver high quality and concentration of 5-15ppm impossible to overdose on it just like that. Also, skeptics also recommend trying colloidal silver for yourself and the belief that such concentrations and quantities not harm your body and even help him. Hedgehogs are not convinced, however, the use of colloidal silver internally are thousands of ways to use silver water for disinfection, disposal of bacteria, cleaning, washing, maintaining stability of the products, and many other applications.

Colloidal silver has been known and used in ancient times was more than 2000 years ago (eg, wound care). In  time colloidal silver is a little forgotten but slowly returned to consciousness of the people. Since the invention of antibiotics, colloidal silver Posted in kiliku years but the trend is changing and colloidal silver (including silver ions in a different form) slowly comes back and is once again appreciated. The first and relatively well-known example is the use of silver ions in refrigerators. If someone bought in a few years the average refrigerator or a higher class can be sure that there is some sticker etc. indicating that the refrigerator silver ions are released so that the food was less exposed to the bacteria and micro-organisms. This example tells us that silver ions are already close to us and to effectively fight germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Colloidal silver oraniźmie In the human tissue, brain, bones, glands, etc. Most often supplied food such as vegetables. However, with disease states, inflammation of the silver is so low that we need the necessary quantities to effectively address lesions. These quantities are really small enough colloidal silver at low concentrations but it is of high quality (silver ions have to be the least of the order of nanometers). It is the high quality and low levels cause the destruction of germs, fungi, bacteria and even viruses. Colloidal silver is used therapeutically and prophylactically. Can be used internally as well as externally. Most internally small quantities of silver drinking water at a concentration of 5-10ppm. In fighting gastric intestinal infection Daka drink a dose of colloidal silver once. In other cases, such as inflammation of the throat to drink small amounts frequently (small sips) to distribute the colloidal silver slowly in the throat. Using colloidal silver internally or externally to use it properly. For example, if we pharyngitis is, having a single colloidal silver will not help. Please just do it slowly in small amounts so that the bacteria forming pharyngitis were as long as possible exposed to colloidal silver.

During flu and colds colloidal silver is used prophylactically to enhance ogranizmu. In addition to the internal use of colloidal silver also uses externally eg inflammation of the ear, with smallpox for cleaning wounds to heal faster, with fungal infections, psoriasis. Used for faster healing after insect bites. The colloidal silver can be washed szczeteczki the teeth and oral cavity itself and effectively get rid of bacteria. Often external help treat allergy symptoms as well as in the treatment of acne. Colloidal silver is not toxic, and the right amounts can heal, help in the treatment, healing. The only contraindication is failing in those uczolonych to silver. If a person is allergic to consume small quantities of high-quality colloidal silver can help to improve health, strengthen the body, treatment, and yet these small amounts will not cause an overdose. Even some of the poison in small quantities heal. The more colloidal silver, which is not toxic and which has a concentration of 5-10ppm of certainty no harm and may be beneficial.

Colloidal silver is used not only directly on the human body (internally or externally), but also for the cleaning, disinfection, extending the shelf life of food, etc. From the aforementioned refrigerator in the inner silver ions are released to uses for colloidal silver is a great deal. I will mention just a few tips on the use of silver water.

He successfully uses colloidal silver to sprzyskiwania fruits and vegetables to neutralize bacteria and fungi which is directly related to the extension of life. Added to the milk also extends the life of the milk. The spray toilet, toilets, urinals, bathrooms-bath to get rid of or reduce microorganisms, bacteria (especially e-coli). Can be added to the washing machine to the final rinse to wash was more fresh. Added to the dishwasher to sanitize the interior, etc. You can pryskach Shine (as well as the toes) to get rid of fungi and candidiases. You sprejować the open jams, purees, etc. to slow down spoilage. You can add to the water for pets and livestock. The pets can spray to get rid of the lair of microorganisms. In patients bedridden patients can spray the beds and bedding to get rid of microorganisms. On trips (camping, etc.), you can take with you such as colloidal silver, and add to the water from the spring, etc. to disinfect and to minimize possible side effects of unclean water. You can add cut flowers into the water to extend the life of kwiatkom. In gardening can spray the plants to zapopiegać mold, rot and slow colloidal silver high concentrations may even eliminate the parasite eggs. Colloidal silver can spray on floors, carpets, patios, can be added to a humidifier. Colloidal silver can effectively clean the air conditioning ducts. Colloidal silver can be wiped and wash sinks, doorknobs, floors, tiles, places where often touching and so quite effectively disinfects.

Use of colloidal silver can be quite a lot, and only your imagination can create any restrictions.

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