Colloidal silver generator GSK-1

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Colloidal silver generator GSK-1 is the cheapest option of the presented colloidal silver generators. It is characterized by ease of use, small size. It is designed primarily for those on a budget.

What makes this generator colloidal silver?

     * Compact, coarse structure of the DC power input sockets and ii 4mm banana plugs to connect the silver electrodes. To Connect a silver wire with a diameter of 2 mm. The controller built on a professional printed circuit board.


     * Ease of use and Use


     * Automatic fully electronic (no relay) to reverse the polarity of silver electrodes with adjustable dwell time bias. Changing the polarity of the small vessels shall includemechanical stirring. In larger vessels recommend additional mechanical mixing or convection (heating), which speeds the process.


     * Automatic current limiting process at about 1.3 mA.


     * Short-circuit protection on the output electrodes


     * Adjustable timer process


     * LED indicator of the controller

Features of the colloidal silver generator

     * Power supply in the range of 9-27V DC (DC voltage of batteries, battery, AC adapter, etc. The set is 22V DC power supply.


     * Current consumption approx 10mA


     * Implemented colloid current limiting current of approximately 1.3 mA


     * Set the timer end of the process in about 30 minutes to about 8 hours (left potentiometer P1 in the picture, the position of the left is the minimum time and location right time maximum). Completion of the process is informed by the LED through liquid (soft) pulses. During operation, depending on the time remaining LEDs will flash steps (on, off). Flashing frequency depends on the remaining time and is in the approximate range of 1 to 10 Hz (once every 10 seconds blink for large times to once per second for small times). Start the timer is always at the start (the power-up). Disconnecting and reconnecting the power on resets the timer and count the time from the beginning


     * Set time reversible silver electrodes in the range of approximately 10-115 seconds (right potentiometer P2 on the photo. Left extreme position that the minimum time and the extreme right is a time maximum)


     * Dimensions of the housing 5cm (with mounting ears 7cm) to 7cm. The height of 2.5 cm.

Photo Gallery:

Colloidal silver generator is placed on a narrow and high vessel.

Mikropocesorowy driver colloidal silver generator - a view from the inside. Right mounting potentiometer P2 since the change of polarization P1 and the left of the timer. P1 and P2 settings usually do once at the beginning when elektrokoloidu process is repeatable. However, in case you can drill two holes so that you can change the settings (small screwdriver) without unscrewing the housing.
The driver of electrodes placed on top of the most narrow and high blood so that the electrodes do not touch the bottom of the vessel.


For the best possible use of electrolysis of water is distilled or demineralized ion content not exceeding 1 ppm.

Depending on your preference and the most best properties of colloidal silver are at a concentration of 5 to 15 ppm.

Use to measure the concentration of TDS (enter in the search TDS meter and pop some items).

As electrodes use the best available silver (usually about 999 trial, no less) of section 2-2.5 mm2 or greater. Adjust the length of the vessel, etc. The minimum is that the draftwas 8-10cm (or more).

Some of the best dishes is tall and narrow. Electrodes covering virtually the entire height. Then the polarization is largely the trick of mixing.

Electrolysis is carried out preferably in a clean glass container.

Top produce more in less and less frequently. After each wipe clean the electrodes.

After the trial, the best colloidal silver set aside for the day and / or strain through filter paper, gauze, etc. to clean the filters of any deposits (silver hydroxides).

Silver colloid preferably stored in dark glass dish in a dark place at room temperature.


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