Colloidal silver generator GSK-2

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Colloidal silver generator GSK-2 is quite cheap and effective colloidal silver generator. The driver very user-friendly. A choice of the dial or knob assembly inside. Designed especially for beginners in CS (colloidal silver), for the elderly. Nanosilver generator has the advantage of a more expensive version of colloidal silver generator in the form of the exclusion process, the voltage on the electrodes reigning silver which is closely related to the concentration of colloidal silver. In short, this generator has a shutdown process on the concentration of the colloidal silver for a given amount of demineralized water.

The driver generator, colloidal silver generator with automatic current limiting, reverse polarity silver electrode short-circuit protection on the output and the function of the end of the process of concentration.
Easy to use. Just plug it in and now it works. The kit buy distilled water or demineralized water and you can produce their own high-quality colloidal silver. Very easy to set target levels of CS (colloidal silver).

What makes this generator colloidal silver?

     * Compact, coarse structure of the input DC power sockets and ii 4mm banana plugs to connect the silver electrodes. Output connector sockets and plugs are specifically tailored to the electrodes with diameters up to 2 mm (or larger after compression ends). The controller built on a professional printed circuit board.


     * Ease of use and Use


     * Automatic fully electronic (no relay) to reverse the polarity of silver electrodes with adjustable dwell time bias. Changing the polarity of the small vessels shall include mechanical stirring. In larger vessels recommend additional mechanical mixing or convection (heating), which speeds the process.


     * Automatic current limiting process at about 1.3 mA.


     * Short-circuit protection on the output electrodes


     * Adjustable threshold voltage end of the process of colloid (concentrations in similar conditions)


     * Fully automatic and intelligent control by increasing the voltage to the low concentration of up to 24V and automatic current limiting and reducing voltage electrodes SK for greater concentration.


     * LED indicates the PLC

of the colloidal silver generator

     * 12V DC (DC voltage of batteries, battery, AC adapter, etc. The set is 12V DC power supply.


     * Current consumption approx 10mA


     * Implemented colloid current limiting current of approximately 1.3 mA


     * Feature set threshold voltage end of the process of ruling on the electrodes of silver colloid. Well, the current limit with increasing concentrations of SK microprocessorreduces the voltage. For a given concentration and the set threshold (potentiometer) is obtained to complete the process. Signaling the completion of the pulse (liquid) LEDs. The closer to the end of this process, the LED will flash quickly. If a low concentration was obtained to turn the potentiometer clockwise. If the concentration is too high, turn to the left.For the same vessel, and the same amount of water obtained in similar concentrations. For example, the central position of the potentiometer and a glass of water to obtain aconcentration of about 7-8 ppm SK.


     * Reverse the polarity of a fully electronic (not mechanical). The time change is permanent and is about 45s.


     * Dimensions of the housing 9.5 cm by 5 cm. The height of 4cm.

Photo Gallery:

Electrodes mounted in 2mm banana sockets (two, three possible distances). To fit connector contacts only electrode with a diameter of 2 mm (or larger if they are sanded).
The driver put on a narrow and high vessel.
A view from inside (high-quality components, professional circuit board).
   On the right at the bottom of the potentiometer P to set the shutdown threshold (concentration) for versions without the pot on top (ocular).
You can choose version with potentiometer in the middle of the photo at the top or at the top of the housing (Knob) at the bottom of the image. By default, sent version with potentiometer in the middle. Upon request (free of charge) the possibility of ocular pot on top of the housing.

Colloidal silver generator with electrodes placed on top of the most narrow and high blood so that the electrodes do not touch the bottom of the vessel.


For the best possible use of electrolysis of water is distilled or demineralized ion content not exceeding 1 ppm.

Depending on your preference and the most best properties of colloidal silver are at a concentration of 5 to 15 ppm.

Use to measure the concentration of TDS (enter in the search TDS meter and pop some items).

As electrodes use the best available silver (usually about 999 trial, no less) of section 2-2.5 mm2 or greater. Adjust the length of the vessel, etc. The minimum is that the draft was 8-10cm (or more).

Some of the best dishes is tall and narrow. Electrodes covering virtually the entire height. Then the polarization is largely the trick of mixing.

Electrolysis is carried out preferably in a clean glass container.

Top produce more in less and less frequently. After each wipe clean the electrodes.

Silver colloid preferably stored in dark glass dish in a dark place at room temperature.

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