Colloidal silver generator GSK-3

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Colloidal silver generator GSK-3 is the most advanced microprocessor controller colloidal silver generator. It has a clear LCD display. Shown are current and voltage measurements colloid, set the time trial, colloid optional voltage threshold exemption process and many other useful features. The generator is designed mainly for people versed in CS (colloidal silver) and / or with a larger budget. Presented colloidal silver generator is one of the most advanced microprocessor colloidal silver generators. If you want to have control over the process, see the measurements, zachownaie process, etc. This is a colloidal silver generator is for you.  

The driver generator, colloidal silver generator with automatic current limiting, reverse polarity silver electrode short-circuit protection on the output and the function of the end of the process of concentration.

Easy to use. Just plug it in and now it works. The kit buy distilled water or demineralized water and you can produce their own high-quality colloidal silver. Very easy to set the target concentration of colloidal silver.

Summary driver is mainly for those versed in CS (colloidal silver). This version of the generator is quite advanced, and if you do not feel up to it, etc. choose simpler versions.


What makes this generator colloidal silver?

* Large LCD display with 4 lines and 20 characters per line
* Automatic fully electronic (no relay) to reverse the polarity of silver electrodes with adjustable dwell time bias. Changing the polarity of the small vessels shall include mechanical stirring. In larger vessels recommend additional mechanical mixing or convection (heating).
* Automatically increase the voltage applied to the electrodes (above 20V) for low levels
* Automatic reduction of voltage applied to the electrodes with a current limit even keel volts
* Automatic current limiting process at about 1.3 mA
* Adjustable timer process
* Adjustable final threshold voltage process
* Adjustable alarm threshold current primary process
* Adjustable alarm sounds automatically end the process (from the timer or the threshold voltage electrodes)
* The history of the process up to 200 current and voltage measurement colloid with adjustable recording time
* Adjust the brightness of the LCD
* Output for optional mixing system (mechanical stirrer, heater (thermal) vibration systems) to 12V and a current of 2A max. The small, narrow and tall vessels to about 200ml do not need the mix.

Features of the colloidal silver generator

* 12V DC (DC voltage of batteries, battery, AC adapter, etc.
* Current consumption of 20mA to 50mA (depending on the set LCD brightness)
* Implemented colloid current limiting current of approximately 1.3 mA
* Automatic measurement of current colloid to the nearest two decimal places in mA
* Automatic voltage measurement colloid to two decimal places for voltage <10V and one decimal place for a voltage> = 10V
* Measurement of voltage current
* Set the timer end of the process in terms of 1-250 minutes in increments of 1m
* Set time reversible silver electrodes for 5-250 seconds in increments of 1 s
* Set the threshold voltage drop off from the colloid to a given value of 0.1-25 volts in steps of 0.1 V
* Set an audible alarm with the message initially draw water for general verification of ion concentration in the range 0.1-0.9 ppm nice amps in steps of 0.1 mA
* Set time recording of current and voltage measurement colloid in the range of 1 to 9 minutes in increments of 1 m. Measurements written to memory cells 200. Thus, the history of measurements can range from 200 to 1800 minutes ago
* LCD Backlight Control - 10 levels
* Ability to enable and set an audible alarm buzzer end of the process (the threshold voltage timer or colloid) in the six levels long humming period of about 8 seconds
* 4x20 LCD display with LED backlight with adjustable contrast black (optional version with blue LCD)
* Dimensions 8cm to 11cm base. The height of 2.5 cm. Dimensions of housing approximately 8.3 cm to 16.5 cm. The height of 3.5 cm. On this auction version of the chassis and front.
* Driver matched to a nice case with a professional front polyester with a window on the LCD. Version without housing or blue display on another auction

The Setup Menu

The driver uses the option parameter settings. To access the settings, press and release the button P1. To move to the next item, press and release the button P1. To change the settings for an item, press and release the button P2. To exit, go two screens, or press and hold for about 3 seconds the button P1.

History of measurement
To access the history of measurements, while in the main screen (not in the settings menu), press and release the P2. Navigating through the history of measurements using the P1 and P2. To exit from the history of measurement, press and hold for about 3 seconds P2. The history of measurements can be useful in order to verify the current and voltage in the electrolysis of the silver colloid to set the optimal parameters for the generator colloidal silver.
Complete the process of electrolysis of silver colloid

The process can be completed manually by observing current and voltage colloid colloid and measure at any time the concentration of silver ions TDS. However, colloidal silver generator presented is designed to complete the process automatically using a timer or set threshold voltage colloid (you can use two at a time and the end of the trip will be the first for which the conditions to the end of the process). In theory and experience has shown that in the case of constant current limited colloid in the case of increasing the concentration of silver ions has to decrease connection colloid. After obtaining a set threshold voltage colloidal process is stopped automatically. Voltage is disconnected from the silver electrodes. Instead of or in addition to the threshold voltage threshold colloid can also set the timer. After deducted during timer (such as the timer reaches zero) is automatically completed the process and also disconnected from the supply of silver electrodes. During the end of the automatic process of electrolysis of silver colloid can set an alarm sound from buzzer. After a few elektrolizach each user determine for themselves the appropriate parameters, etc. for which the process will be the most optimal.



This is what will be shipped. Additionally, sent additional smaller housing and connectors can be mounted to the silver electrode and place directly on top of a narrow and high vessel.

Picture of a description. Click to enlarge.

Photo Gallery:

Sent standard version with a black background LCD. On request different colors with gray or blue background LCD.

Setup Menu:
Screen 1 - Line: 1 Time Timer, 2 Time changes polarity, 3 Completion of the threshold voltage of the electrodes colloid, 4 The initial alarm threshold current colloid (possibly too big ppm water).
Screen 2 - Line: 1 The brightness level of the LCD, 2 Activate and set the duration of the buzzer in a period of about 8 seconds, 3 Recording of the measurement period, 4 Resetting the measurement history
The history of measurements:
Checking the meter and laser levels


For the best possible use of electrolysis of water is distilled or demineralized ion content not exceeding 1 ppm.

Depending on your preference and the most best properties of colloidal silver are at a concentration of 5 to 15 ppm.

Use to measure the concentration of TDS (enter in the search TDS meter and pop some items).

As electrodes use the best available silver (usually about 999 trial, no less) of section 2-2.5 mm2 or greater. Adjust the length of the vessel, etc. The minimum is that the draftwas 8-10cm (or more).

Some of the best dishes is tall and narrow. Electrodes covering virtually the entire height. Then the polarization is largely the trick of mixing.

Electrolysis is carried out preferably in a clean glass container.

Top produce more in less and less frequently. After each wipe clean the electrodes.

After the trial, the best colloidal silver set aside for the day and / or strain through filter paper, gauze, etc. to clean the filters of any deposits (silver hydroxides).

Silver colloid preferably stored in dark glass dish in a dark place at room temperature.

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