Temperature and humidity. Measuring the distance to the 485 or WIFI. Options for sending measurements to the other driver cloning or tablet with Android.

Advanced drivers temperature measurement function independently make any inscriptions, names measurements (and later allowing a change).

Sample menu settings controler temperature version of the history of measurements:

Drivers temperature and humidity may be used inter alia to:

* The measurement of temperature and humidity in greenhouses, mushroom, winter gardens. Alerting the over-temperature or humidity. Attached wykonawczeniu the low or high temperature in the greenhouse, mushroom. Turned damper low humidity. Warning of a high temperature and humidity. Archiving measurements and determining if such were the night frosts (eg outside temperature). The possibility of measuring temperature and humidity for four different points on the driver. This may be measured 3 greenhouse and outdoor temperature. Temperature and humidity in a greenhouse at four locations such as the soil, the ceiling, the ends of the greenhouse, mushroom. The possibility of measuring the distance to the detector analogowoch up to 100-200 meters. Możlwość transmission measurements of temperature and humidity control to a second cloning for distances up to 500 meters, for example, located in the farm office gardening, home and monitoring of temperature and humidity from a distance.

* Measure the same temperature or temperature and humidity in barns, piggeries, poultry houses, etc. farmhouse in agriculture. Alarming high or low temperatures unsuitable for animals. Archiving measuring and checking back even kilkadziesiąd days of heat and humidity. Loading measuring the distance to your home, office or other outlet away even for a few hundred meters and monitoring conditions at critical temperature and humidity measurements. Alarms from crossing the lower or upper thresholds temperautry or upper or lower humidity and possible to control actuators (eg, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, coolers).

* Measuring, monitoring, alerting air temperature in HVAC systems. Driver wigotności temperature and motion detectors can be connected to the ventilation and air conditioning systems and monitor the supply air temperature, exhaust, cooled, external. Based on the temperature can be controlled systems, implementing automation to improve air quality in budnkach, homes, offices, premises, etc.

* Measurement of temperature and humidity in the recuperators. You can measure the supply air temperature, exhaust, the intake and outlet. Based on temperature can be turned on heaters, coolers, butterfly valves, bypass recovery unit, air humidifiers. On the basis of alarm thresholds can be controlled devices which improve performance recuperator. Alarming low or high temperature and humidity. Measurements can be sent to the RS485 wired or wirelessly to the free WiFi in the 2.4 GHz band to another driver from a distance. In the case of wireless transmission measurements do not need to pull wires, etc. and you can see the measurements in another room, eg in a hallway, office, living room, etc. The measurement itself can take place in the basement, attic, and monitorig gospodarzym room temperature and humidity measurement will then be longer another room. Drivers have the option to transfer measurements by the router 485 and further for example, a tablet with android. Measurements can be viewed comfortably wirelessly on your tablet or phone having android. Based on measurements of temperatures in the recuperator efficiency can be calculated. All measurements helps to check the behavior of the recuperator at night, in cold weather.

* Steer dampers GHE (ground heat exchanger). Drivers you have the option to measure the temperature of the lower and upper alarm and based on the temperature and alarm thresholds can be controlled dampers GWC so that eg in winter when cooling bed GWC GWC disconnect the throttle in the summer in case of overheating of the bed to switch the valve from the outside thread GWC. Temperature controller with alarms can successfully replace automatic GWC.

* The measurement of temperature in heating. You can measure the temperature of the water coming out of the furnace and the return of radiators. You can measure the temperature of eg podłocze for underfloor heating. Setting alarm thresholds can be turned circulating water pumps. Alerts will notify you when the temperature is exceeded will be too high or too low. Based on the temperature can be determined by the efficiency of heating systems.

* The measurement of temperature and humidity in the rooms of houses, offices and businesses. You can measure the temperature and humidity, archive, wykorzystawać alarms and alarm outputs to control actuators responsible for the improvement of air quality. Measurements can be performed in bathrooms, hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, garages. Bathrooms such as high humidity can automatically attach the lift.


Drivers have a temperature alarm functions, thermostats, cloning measurements on the second remote controller as low as a few hundred meters, wifi wireless transfer option and the option to send the measurements to android.

What makes the temperature controller? Well, most of the temperature controllers are factory-style markings T1, T2, Temp 1, Sensor 1, measure 1, measure 2, etc. However, the driver has the function presented themselves entering names measurements. You can easily name the measurements according to the wishes and the conditions at the measuring points.

What distinguished these thermometers, hygrometers than others?

# Self-introduction of subtitles. You will always know who is responsible for what measurement. After some time, you can move and change the thermometer subtitles alone.
# Adjust the brightness of the backlight
# The detectors can be connected to long cables up to 10-20 meters (digital) and 100-150 meters (analog)
# Digital temperature and humidity sensors based on DS18B20, DHT11, DHT22 and analog-to-detectors KTY81-210
# Cloning measured by RS485 or wirelessly to the WiFi
# Audible alarms, alarm outputs for relay modules, thermostats
# History of the instrument
# Calibration measurements

Features of systems:

* 4 inputs to temperature and humidity
     * Any subtitles to 12 characters. Subtitles set yourself in a very simple way.
     * Measurement resolution of 0.1 degree Celsius
     * Measurement accuracy of + / - 0.5 degree (percentage of moisture)
     * Software calibration of each channel with a resolution of 0.1 degree Celsius to + / - 5.0 degrees Celsius (percentage of moisture)
     * Refresh the measurement of about 2 seconds
     * Distance of the second driver after 485 to 500-1000 meters.
     * Distance of the second driver after wifi (wireless) to 10-50 meters (depending on the buildings, open space, etc.)
     * Adjust the backlight level. You set the desired brightness of the LCD
     * 4x20 LCD display with LED backlight background color of black, gray or blue (optional)
     * Power supply with DC voltage in the range of 7-20V. Very low power consumption. Current consumption from. 20mA (backlight set low) to about 60mA (maximum backlight) Power consumption 0.7 W maximum ok (for 12V and maximum backlight). 
     * Dimensions 8cm to 11cm base. The height of 2.5 cm. Dimensions of housing approximately 8.3 cm to 16.5 cm. The height of 3.5 cm.
     * Sensors can be extended up to 10-20 meters (digital) and 100-200 meters (analog)
     * Used digital sensors DS18B20, DHT11, DHT22 and analog KTY81-210 are some of the best in its class

Driver versions temperature.

Gallery drivers:

Driver temperature measurements without housing for analog sensors KTY81-210 (221.222). Detectors connected to the wires up to 100-200 meters.

The controller temperature and humidity detectors DHT11. Detectors on lines 5 meters. Can be extended to 20 meters.

Temperature controller and digital detectors DS18B20. Sensors on the cables with a length of 1 meter. You can extend up to 5 meters.

The controller temperature and humidity available in three colors LCD display.
Black background and white characters (text). Version has a high contrast.

Blue and white characters (text). Version I like the relatively unusual blue backlight.

White (light gray) background and dark characters (text). Version has a high contrast, and that the signs are clearly visible even in the absence of LED backlighting (LED brightness can fade out).

Optionally, the controller can be purchased in a housing made ​​of high quality ABS plastic. On the housing front is glued professional polyester (quite resistant to mechanical and chemical, detergent, etc.). Frot is a window on the LCD that shows subtitles, measurements, etc.

Professional polyester front of the housing means that the wall looks like aesthetic.

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