Analog controller temperature measurement

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Cheapest drivers temperature measurement with a simple function ON / OFF. Control on / off alarm is based on the upper and lower temperature.

In the presented version of PTA is an analog temperature sensors based on KTY81-210 (or 221, 222), which are some of the best in its price class. These detectors are analog and are not really one drawback is slightly poorer accuracy compared to digital detectors. However, apart from this one defect have the same advantages. Well analog detector are clumsy, reliable, and always give the measure. These can be measured at greater distances and more disturbed environment. Interference may affect the accuracy of measurement but always be close. The digital detectors, and in the case of interference measurement results may differ materially from actual. In the presented controllers temperautry measuring analog filters are applied in both hardware and software which makes measurements even in strong disturbances are fairly accurate. Versions of these drivers on the analog detectors are recommended where long distances are measured from drivers such as remote areas, greenhouses, agriculture, barns, stables, etc. In this type of measurement is keen to high reliability at the expense of a slightly worse accuracy. It is therefore recommended temperature controllers are based on analog sensors.

Current drivers and temperature controllers come in many variations. This may be the same or temperature measurement with alarms. Additionally, it is also available history function measurements. You can even measure the distance of 100-200 meters and if more is by using a second sterownka cloning can send measurements after 485 even at a distance up to 500-1000 meters. If, however, there is no possibility of cables that have the option of wireless temperature measurement in a free 2.4 GHz band. Then the temperature controller can be in the basement, attic and visible measurements will be in the hallway or living room. There is also a fifth option temperature controller to your home network via a router and ethernet read measurements on the tablet with Adroid.

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