Digital controller temperature measurement PTC

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 Driver versions temperature measurement with high accuracy and resolution with a simple function ON / OFF. Control on / off alarm is based on the upper and lower temperature.

In the presented versions of PTC is a digital temperature sensor DS18B20 based on which are some of the best in its price class. These detectors are digital and have a really polegająco one drawback that you can not measure temperatures over longer distances. However, apart from this one defect have the same advantages. Well, DS18B20 digital sensors are reliable and accurate. Versions of these drivers on DS18B20 digital detectors are recommended where there is less distance measurements from drivers such as homes, furnaces, heating systems, ventilation, air-conditioning, recuperators, heating facilities, GHE, etc. For example, for the ground heat exchanger is measured GHE outdoor temperature , forced from the field, and alarm thresholds based on the upper and lower air intake is used to select, or external GHE throttle and 
air warmer or colder depending on the season. GHE temperautry controller based controller presented temperautry measurement with alarms is a simple and effective form of regulation GHE. With additional options the history of measurements can successfully monitor the behavior of the type of deposit GHE, use, and control capabilities. In this type of measurement is keen to high accuracy. It is therefore recommended temperature controllers are based on DS18B20 digital sensors.

Current drivers and temperature controllers come in many variations. This may be the same or temperature measurement with alarms. Additionally, it is also available history function measurements. You can even measure the distance of 10-20 meters and if more is by using a second sterownka cloning can send measurements after 485 even at a distance up to 500-1000 meters. If, however, there is no possibility of cables that have the option of wireless temperature measurement in a free 2.4 GHz band. Then the temperature controller can be in the basement, attic and visible measurements will be in the hallway or living room. There is also a fifth option temperature controller to your home network via a router and ethernet read measurements on the tablet with Adroid. Upon request, the application is developed on android.

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