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A person from the bottom to the top:


A person from top to bottom:

The company specializes in the development and implementation of LED drivers and particularly intelligent LED drivers stairs. We have over 10 years of experience in designing and developing software for LED drivers. We both party hardware (hardware) and software. Stair LED drivers are designed to be coarse, resistant to surges and served for years. There are products lineage from Asia where they are often specially treated aging process so that their life was only until the end of the warranty. Stair LED drivers are made on the basis of professional printed circuit board covered with a special protective coating and high-current paths are additionally coated with tin wartwą to the high current flow can not be corrupted and rapid degradation. The current in the path based on the aggregate model may be from as low as several to more than 20A. For this current, it is important to track the aggregate could not pass without a problem heating the load. Therefore, this type of driver treads should have a low aggregate must have a high current path with additional tin plating. If the driver does not have a dedicated path that quickly breaks down and debradacji dispute for the installed power strips or LED bulbs.

Drivers assembled by hand in Poland, selected quality electronic components. There is a process engineering as it is eg tablets, cells, etc. The elements are leaded often larger than the SMD surface and here for this purpose as clumsy driver stairs are better because here anyway gauge has much. However, despite the fact that the elements are larger in assembling the same przewlekanym hand drivers are designed so that in the bulk cabinet or box does not take up much space. Stair LED drivers can be sold with or without enclosure housing because and so are mounted in boxes or cupboards collecting. In addition, through hole assembly has the advantage that any service is hassle-free and are centered on the item that is damaged. It is mentioned that the driver makes this type of solution and approach is very organic. Stair LED drivers are installed on even a few dozen years, and here there is no exchange control as is the case for example with the phones that change every year, two or three years.

In addition to the hardware drivers for LED stair is also very important software it. Virtually all the power of intelligent LED driver staircase is in the algorithms and the effects it achieves tape and mesh LED mounted on the stairs, corridors crossing etc. Incidentally intelligent LED lighting stairs need not be fitted only on the stairs. These LED lights with intelligent controllers can be successfully used in corridors, aisles, driveways, sidewalks, traffic routes. LED strips and LED mesh consisting of LED bulbs and LED modules are installed along the corridor, sidewalk, driveway on the wall, the ceiling, the floor, the ground on poles, etc. to give the linear spectacular lighting and extinguishing of LED light points.

Special algorithms and results uploaded to the micro controller responsible for the proper operation and obtain the effect of abrupt or smooth lighting up the stair rail. LED control steps is not limited to light but also to smooth or abrupt extinction in turn in the same direction of stair LED or LED light points and LED strips for corridors, passages, passages, walkways and driveways. Many uploaded or customized algorithms and options presented stair LED drivers cause they are some of the best on the market in the respective price ranges. Stair LED drivers offer both simple and less expensive as well as expensive and very powerful algorithmic and effects LED stairs.

Choosing the right LED driver stairs to the task and even a few dozen questions about what is expected from the controller LED staircase. The market is offered several different drivers stairs. They are often quite simple in operation on both the results and the algorithms. Often, these drivers have only one effect and the algorithm is usually prescribed only for buttons or switches which apply if the watch is no longer functioning properly. Well, the detector if one person is going to always work the detector one and then the other as the person leaves the stairs. This variant focuses on PIR motion detectors, infrared barriers and detectors of pressure. For the detectors must be suitable control algorithms and actions. If a person comes up the stairs to the detector triggers the lighting effect and if he left the stairs to the detector work and then a glowing LED light strips or mesh LED should extinguish. In addition, good algorithms powinnny przewidzeć situation of two people from the opposite direction, or two or more people at a time. Unfortunately, most of the drivers available on the market does not have a corresponding operation algorithms specialized in PIR motion detector, the detector fotokomówki pressure. Our company as that specializes in the drivers and effects and algorithms LED is anticipated and used in medium and higher models of algorithms and the effects of stair LED drivers so that each user can select the corresponding LED stair controller operation.

It is important to find out what the stair LED driver can, as it will react to various situations prevailing on the stairs, corridors, sidewalks, driveways, etc. It is safe to say that the quality of the LED driver staircase in 90% of the role of algorithms and quality control and the remaining 10% of the design, housing, etc. When choosing a suitable driver should be examined whether the effects are important, algorithms, quality, etc. or sticker on the case, numbers, and descriptions on paper, etc. On our site you can easily see how the driver looks. We constantly are posted videos and animations of algorithms for various situations prevailing on the stairs. It is worth considering not better to choose the highest quality control measures and advanced algorithms. Being careful with the corresponding effect on the steps of LED (lighting and extinguishing degree turn, carts, floating blanking, waterfall, etc.) get a professional quality product hardware and software for the same price as the other drivers available on the market.

Before buying any controller LED stair quickly see the possibilities offered by smart LED driver enclosures:

The above features, algorithms and features LED driver enclosures allow for the optimal choice of intelligent LED lighting stairs.

Intelligent LED lighting stairs - stairs.

Lighting controls staircase of the largest hardware and algorithmic capabilities on the market. Industry-leading algorithms rise and stair treads.


Drivers impressive stair lighting. Universal controllers and the number of degrees, stairs, lighting points, etc. selected in the driver between (you do not have to wonder exactly how many degrees will ultimately and whether it will be 14, 15 or maybe 16 is selected in a simple way in the drivers). Each LED driver version stair is a stair interval specified in the table below.



A person from bottom to top: 


A person from top to bottom:


Two people from the opposite direction:


Two people from the opposite direction, returning a person, two people one by one:




Animation for algorithm dedicated to switches.

Animation for algorithm dedicated to sensors.

Versions of stairs led controllers.
Features / Version 6-9k 5-10k 6-17k 11-17k 8-17k 11-20k 15-28k 20-28k
Only one algorithm into the detector or the buttons (your choice when ordering) YES NO YES YES NO NO YES NO
9 algorithm - effects to choose from in the driver (optimal detector and buttons) NO YES NO NO YES YES NO YES
Selectable number steps of stairs YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Speed ​​control light up and light down YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Adjusting the speed of up and down independent (two potentiometers) NO YES NO NO NO YES NO NO
Adjust uneven (non-linear) light on and off NO YES NO NO NO YES NO NO
Turn on lights and switching off the lights at once (0-1) YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Switching light on and off lights liquid (fuzzy) YES YES NO YES YES YES NO YES
Adjust the blur (scattering) of liquid ignition mode NO YES NO NO NO YES NO NO
Adjusting the brightness of the rest two extreme or all channels (steps) YES YES NO YES YES YES NO YES
Adjusting the brightness maximum in effect and mode light is constant NO YES NO NO YES YES NO NO
Input light is constant all channels (steps) YES YES NO YES YES YES NO NO
Timer Function (Timer) under constant illumination NO YES NO NO NO YES NO NO
Input for blocking glare (from twilight sensor, switch, or trigger alarm) NO YES NO NO NO YES NO NO
Price driver version to 0.5 A per channel/step (up to 6 watts per channel/step for 12V) 80$
Price driver version to 1 A per channel/step (up to 12 watts per channel/step for 12V) 90$
Surcharge for housing (cover) 4$
- 4$
 The cost of shipping by post:  10$, 7€  
Payment: PayPal or bank account
 When selecting a driver, you must analyze the issue:

1 How stair is to be a driver?
2 What will be the current carrying capacity of the channel (power connected to any degree, the length of the tape led, power led strip, power led bulbs, etc.)?
3 What will trigger the controller input (or will be connected buttons such as Bell, can watch. If you watch it, or motion detector, or infrared barriers and can watch the pressure)?
4 Do you need a simple cheaper version only with the effects of hock or may be a choice even smoother results?
5 Do I need an operation algorithm (the detector or the buttons), and may want to have a choice of algorithms in the controller action?
6 Is the driver should have input light is constant?
7 Do you need an additional entrance blocking glare from the button, watch twilight or central home?
8 Is useful will feature two extreme angle at rest or all channels?
9 Is that the effects were nice, if you need a more dynamic regulation of inequality (non-linear) rise and adjust the blur and smooth lighting mode?
10th Is the rate of rise and the rate of fire was individually adjusted so that for example the lighting was faster and slower extinction?
11th Do I need and will be useful function timer (timer) from the input light is constant

Can be adapted to individual needs.
Have an unusual example of mezzanine staircase where the entrance / exit to the bathroom, room, etc.?
Two or three drivers can solve the problem of non-standard steps.

For whom a stair LED driver versions?

If you have a limited budget to go for economic releases such as 6-9k (6-9 degrees) or 6-17k (6 to 17 degree corners).

If you pay more, but you do not need many features of this version of the driver staircase led 11-17k (from 11 to 17 degree corners) will be optimal.

If, however, you need intelligent controller staircase of the biggest opportunities on the market despite the higher price version of 11-20k (from 11 to 20 degree corners) will be suitable for you.

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