Stair Lighting Controller stairs led 15-28 steps.

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Stair LED Drivers are built and developed to serve for many years. These coarse and resistant to various factors. Their main advantage is that they are relatively small(depending on the number of stages). Drivers stair fit in a cabinet or box junction.

Spectacular lighting controller led strip, led bulbs, led mesh. Intelligent controller LED stairstaircase is universal and the number of steps, stairs, lighting points, etc. selected in the driver between 15 and 28 (you do not have to wonder exactly how many steps will eventually be and whether it will be 24, 25 or maybe 23 is selected in a simple as the driver).



A person from bottom to top: 


A person from top to bottom:


Two people from the opposite direction:


Two people from the opposite direction, returning a person, two people one by one:

The algorithm optimal detector or on request under the buttons.


The controller is designed for strips and LED bulbs 12V. Control is achieved by two motion detectors (opto barrier, infrared, etc.) Each detector is responsible for lighting and extinguishing the up or down. PG detector alarm will turn lighting up the channels at preset potentiometer P1. Then, all channels will be lit for the time set potentiometer P2 or PD detector is activated. After the channels will fade in the same order as the rate of lit set to P1. Activation of detector PD (bottom) lighting will turn downward channels, etc. The detector activation PG (or the time set potentiometer P2) channels will fire downwards.

Contacts PD and PG in the picture is a motion detector relay contacts.

Power controller 12V DC. The same voltage as the power supply LED strips. Load each channel to 1A. What does an installed capacity of max. 12W per channel.

  Picture of a description of connectivity.


The controller is designed to be coarse. High-quality components, professional circuit board, and many other factors are designed to provide performance for years to come.



The driver matched to a nice stair case:


The algorithm for detection.


Turning in turn. Switching off one by one. Before you come to the end result and it will work the second detector will result in the opposite direction and will meet two effects on the way (the controller determines a person from the opposite direction). When it comes to the end result and work a second detector, the controller recognizes that a person leaves the stairs and it will be a signal to fade in the same direction as lit (one was on the stairs, entered and left).




- Selectable number of steps, stairs, lighting points, etc. between 15 and 28

- Algorithm measures the detector or the buttons on request

- Measure displacements

- Input the up and down motion detectors (IR opto barrier)

- Speed ​​control switch and disconnect the LED light

- Size (7.5 cm by 10.5 cm by 2.5 cm). The advantage is that it is relatively small and can fit in a cabinet, box, etc. The standard controller is sold without case because the assembly and this is usually in a closet or collecting box next to the power supply, etc. However, the option is sold version with additional housing .

- The supply voltage 8-15V DC. Typically 12V DC

- Current consumption of 20mA driver itself

- Power consumption by the same driver 0,25 W

- Load capacity up to 1A per channel

- Good value for options

- LEDs, LED strips, LED bulbs can be connected to the controller even ten meters long cables

- The controller can be connected to the same LEDs (with resistors), LED strips, LED modules, LED strips, LED light bulbs, etc.

- The controller is sold as pictured. The buttons, sensors, power supply, LED light source must be provided with its own
- Very high efficiency operation

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